Installation: Feburary 2012, 1184 Argyle Street.


above, Dunbarton, California taken by Annie Crabtree in August 2011. 

below, installation at 7pm and 9pm, Feburary 2012. 

Born out of serendipity - the encounter of two places with the same name - Dum/nbarton aimed to engage this coincidental occurrence (through the experience of the artist) by simply placing one place next to the other. 

A photograph taken in a moving car (on route 101, between San Francisco and Santa Barbara, California) is projected in an empty shop window, 1184 Argyle Street, in Glasgow. 

The piece explores the migrational movement of place names, specifically seen in the recent history of the Unite States of America, through a cinematic and painterly depiction of landscape. It is a nostalgic image, shot on 35mm film, the saturated colours sit in contrast to the grey tones of the tenement building it has been repositioned in. The window encourages the allusion to another space, or place, aesthetically different (although namely akin) to the environment on a cold, Glaswegian main street. 

It is only through my encounter of both these places that the piece and the photograph gains the weighty conceptual meaning impressed on it by its contextual placement. 

Otherwise, they simply exist in tangent, with no other real contemporary connection than the newer’s name sake and the old’s sister city running at a tangent on another continent. 

They are parallel places encountered in the movement of the artist, and then the movement of the audience on Argyle Street (due to both the busy road and the bus stop) that come together for a few short hours. 

The piece aims to simply depicted and highlight a fact of modern existence. Facts that have been highly conceptualised and theorised many times over, but can hopefully be communicated in a manner that translate one place to another and allows an audience to re-evaluate the cityscape and historical connections in which they exist.

Annie Crabtree

Over a year later the legacy of this happenstance installation is still on-going. Picture Window formed from this window months after this installation, and we’re still making work all across Glasgow. Find out more about us here: www.picturewindow.org.uk 

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